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The Griz – Cyan <br>(LG/XL only)<br />
The Griz – Cyan <br>(LG/XL only)<br />


The Griz – Cyan
(LG/XL only)

Digging through your backpack to quickly access bear spray is not an options when confronted with a bear. SCAT Belts are comfortable and were created for one purpose…quick access to bear spray! 

A perfect bear spray holster if you trail run, mountain bike, fly-fish, hike, or just want to feel protected when exploring the outdoors. 

Holds 7.9oz or 9.2oz canisters of bear spray - not included. Phone not included.

Weights: Griz SM/MD - 3.75 oz  |  Griz LG/XL - 4.25 oz
Note: Only LG/XL Size available right now!

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