Trail running this fall? Be Bear-Safe with Scat Belt!

Fall adventures await with Scat Belt!

2020 Scat Belts have larger phone pockets, stronger stitching, updated fit and finish.


Outside Online Reviews our Bear Spray Running Belt

Scat Belts are perfect for any outdoor adventure - trail runners particularly love the slim fit and no-bounce design. Try this lightweight bear spray holster if you mountain bike, hike, fly fish or just want to get outdoors and feel protected. Better than the simplistic neoprene bear spray holster that comes with most bear spray canisters, ScatBelt will give you the peace of mind necessary so you can just enjoy being outdoors!


COMPARE THE CUB AND THE GRIZ - the best bear spray holsters on the market

THE CUB - Bear spray belt

The bear spray belt that started it all. More comfortable and convenient that a traditional neoprene bear spray holster that can be used whenever you head out into the wilderness and be ready at a moment’s notice. If a bear, cougar, coyote or other wild animal approaches, pepper spray is at the ready! Comes in three colors and two adjustable sizes for optimal fit.


THE GRIZ - Bear spray belt

Lightweight and comfortable, The GRIZ bear spray belt is the better way to carry bear spray®. Access your smartphone, small personal items and more within seconds. Made of premium materials proven in the running and climbing worlds, The GRIZ is the best bear spray belt available  and comes in three colors and two adjustable sizes for optimal fit.



Scat Belts are the best way to carry bear spray as well as your phone and small personal items. Scat Belt is reversible so you can wear your bear spray in front or back depending on what you like best. Made of the same materials used in high end running shoes, Scatbelts last a long time - we have stories from some hardcore runners who have put over 3,000 miles on theirs!


Scat Belt | Running in Bear Country | Kim Titchener

Bear Safety expert Kim Titchener relies on her Scat Belt any time she's out for a run.