By: Liz J February 20, 2020

"I LOVE the Scat Belt product, and was delighted to learn about it, buy it, and use it regularly!!! As a woman living in Alaska for decades, I have not been very diligent about carrying bear spray. Honestly if I wasn't wearing a backpack on a serious hike, I never carried it because the typical holsters require pants with belts, and I don't usually wear a belt or pants that accommodate belts.

Fast forward to the day that a bear in the deep woods shimmied down a tree just feet from me, stood on his rears, raised his arms and ears, and clicked his teeth at me. I instantly regretted being without any protection, and by a miracle talked my way out of that encounter, but vowed to not be without protection ever ever again!!! I stumbled upon the amazing scat belt the next week at a popular shoe store in Anchorage. Finally, a comfortable solution that I am so thankful to you for creating!!! Alaskan ladies all need this!!! Hopefully you can work with some of the women owned companies here in Alaska to get more exposure and potentially save lives!!"

Thank you!! 





"I discovered Scatbelt while mountain biking in Canmore Alberta.  I do a lot of mountain biking and have always been looking for a good way to carry my bear spray. I saw someone ride by with theirs in a Scatbelt.  I then saw it in one of the shops at the Nordic Centre. I knew I needed this!  I went to my local outdoor shop in Calgary, Campers Village and picked up one for my husband and myself. All I can say is that they are the most simple comfortable and accessible bear spray holsters I’ve ever used! My family also does a lot of fly fishing and they work fantastic for that as well. My only problem I came across was a supply issue, nobody sold the size small. So that’s why I bought straight from the source!  Now my kids will be wearing them as well this year. Tell your team thanks for making such a great product!!  Look forward to getting my shipment,

Angie Davies | Calgary Alberta, Canada 


Verified Purchase

I want to love this belt but it just doesn't stay in position when I run. The problem is there is no elastic or stretch in it at all. I have a spibelt which doesn't move around and I don't have a problem running with so I think the difference is the elastic (or lack there of). This is great for walking though and easy access, although it is left hand accessible only if you want to use the pockets, but it would be easy to swing around. I've ended up wearing this over one shoulder using my boobs to hold it in place, but even then it jumps up a bit. I am going to try and get someone to put elastic in it so it will be more secure but will just use it while I'm hiking/biking for now.



By Mariah C Baeron May 28, 2016

Size: Small/Medium

Color: Berry/Silver

Verified Purchase

LOVE IT. I frequently run mountain trails by myself in the morning in Alaska, and I hate carrying anything when I run. Now I can run safely and have my phone for taking pictures! This little belt stays in place and doesn't bounce - I don't even know I am wearing it. THANK YOU FOR THIS - it has totally changed my life (and may possibly save it, as well)! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Recommending it to all my mountain-running outdoorsy Alaskan friends!!!


"Really handy for keeping your stuff together if you're going ..."

By: E Mon February 5, 2016

Size: Small/Medium | Color: Cyan/Silver

Verified Purchase

"Really handy for keeping your stuff together if you're going out for a run or hike."



By: Jean Mon June 2, 2016

Size: Large/ExtraLarge | Color: Burnt Orange/Silver

Verified Purchase

"I was looking at these in a LRS store here in Anchorage the other day. I really like the idea, and it seemed to fit me well. It is also nice to have a couple of easy access pockets. I also like that I could wear it with just about anything including, I believe, with a small pack that I wear on short hikes, biking, chugging (oops I mean jogging)."


Thumbs up while on horseback!

By: Teton cowgirl on July 11, 2016

Size: Small/Medium | Color: Cyan/Silver

"My husband & I have ridden horseback on packtrips all over the Yellowstone ecosystem. My husband carries a mtn gun .44 to defend against grizzlies. In the past I have carried bear spray in a shoulder harness or on my belt. I heard horror stories about bear spray canisters crushing hipbones, after falling off a horse with bear spray strapped perpendicular to a belt, on the rider's side-waistline. I didn't like my shoulder harness any better - my ribs are vulnerable in a fall w/ the canister near my chest. Also the shoulder harness makes adjustments to jackets a hassle - if I want to ALWAYS have the bear spray at-the-ready.

This Scat Belt puts the canister over softer tissue, reducing my risk of bone fractures in a fall. It is comfortable to wear on my waist all the time, even in camp."


This is a great product, esp for active folks

By: l mon January 6, 2017

Verified Purchase

"This is a great product, especially for active folks! Its lightweight and streamlined design makes it easy to carry bear spray and phone and not feel them, regardless of your activity. I don't even feel it moving around when I run! And it is my new go-to item on bike rides and cross-country skiing." 



Purchased this in a Size Small (I have a 32 inch waist) and it fits perfectly. Can even be worn just around your waist, over a jacket, without actually feeding it through belt loops on your pants. And thankfully it comes in 2 colour options (Black/Grey which I got).
Great belt which fits the 225 G Bear Spray Can very nicely and is very easy to pull out without the can getting stuck or offering any resistance.
The Phone holster on the outside is very convenient and useful and keeps your pockets light. I hate phones in my pockets as it weights down my pants. I have a Nexus 5 with a slim case and the SCAT phone holster holds it perfectly, AND i can get to my phone easily!
Also like the molly compatible straps as they are very useful to hold a small to medium size pocket knife or a multi-tool like a swiss knife or leatherman attached to a small caribiner.
 Overall, just an excellent product, great quality and the bear spray holster part can even be used to carry something else like a flashlight if you don't necessarily want to carry bear spray, although it's a good idea to carry it, incase of Coyote packs in the woods

+ Pros: Good Value, Lightweight, Reliable, colour options!

I reviewed this earlier and didn't make it clear that the belt is designed to wear the bottle in the front and use your right hand ~ I do NOT do that, I wear it on the back and use my left hand to remove the bottle. It would be good to hear from someone who runs with the bottle on his/her belly, how that feels and works.



"Used this Griz belt four times, during runs on the highway, including steep grades. Once adjusted to the right fit, the belt stays put. During the first use, the weight of the bottle on the small of my back worried me, I felt it every step of the way. During the second run, I wore an extra shirt (light) to keep the belt from touching my skin directly, and it did make a difference already. With every use, I am now feeling it less, though at times that area of my back is a bit sensitive - I assume this will lessen over time. The bottle sits exactly on the built-in key pocket in the back of my shorts - I haven't needed keys but would think this may be a bit of a problem. ~ The stetchy strap that is supposed to go over the nozzle of the spraybottle slides off to the side, but this did not affect the bottle at all. ~ I ordered a size small, and although I wear a size 8, this belt was almost too big. ~ The phone holster held my regular smart phone. The tactical straps are ridiculously tiny; not sure what to do with these. Bought the belt to carry spray and a phone for emergencies, and it does both.


We have received a lot of compliments and have had numerous people ask where we purchased our bear spray belts. We live in Canmore, so bear spray these days is essential! These belts are SO much more secure than in a side pocket of your pack. We have heard horror stories of having bear spray fall out of a pack, hitting a rock and puncturing the can! Accidental deployment of bear spray can have serious health effects for anyone in the area. This belt can be worn with the spray positioned at the front nice and handy! We wear ours biking and hiking. Only complaint would be that the pockets are quite small - it would be better if the one pocket had a bit more elastic to accommodate my iphone (a small one). If you have a larger phone, I doubt if the elastic would stretch far enough; however, the elastic could easily be replaced. Overall, an excellent product that does what it is intended for - keeps your bear spray safely secured and accessible for when it is needed.

Good invention
Handy product for quick ease of use to access bear spray.